Welcome to SUNNY SIDE YARN ACADEMY.  Our goal is to make sure you are at a comfortable level of learning and move in the appropriate direction - this consequently avoids frustration.  So, let us help you decide and sign up for the Classes, Projects and Workshops that will fit your needs and fulfill your Yarn Goals. Our class lists will include a "level" for your benefit.  Not sure where you fit in?  Don't fret - come in and talk with us and we'll make sure you end of exactly where you need to be!


JUST STARTING OUT:  Ability to cast on, bind off and do the knit stitch


BEGINNING:  Ability to knit and purl, cast on, bind off, increase and decrease and                                basic Crochet stitches


INTERMEDIATE:  Ability to do texture stitches, simple Fair Isle, simple cables, simple lace, and use both double pointed and circular needles.  You have actually completed a project, you can read a pattern and feel your knitting and/or crochet abilities enable you to move forward.


EXPERIENCED:  Ability to do cables, lace, some Aran patterns, and can follow complex shaping directions.  You are comfortable with most patterns, including charted patterns, and projects and look forward to challenging new projects.


ADVANCED:  Ability to knit complex, multi-stitch patterns including Aran, lace with cables, multiple lace patterns, intricate Fair Isle and intarsia patterns.  Are able to execute complex shaping such as short rows, entralac, domino knitting, and combined texture and color patterns.


The list above is not intended to intimidate anyone - these definitions are to assist you when choosing a pattern - to know if it is beyond your current level. Never let it stop you from attempting a pattern - that's the beauty of this craft - you can ALWAYS undo and start over.  Remember, practice makes perfect!!